Oulamine Law Group has extensive expertise in business law. The firm is counseling a variety of public and private companies in the following areas, among others:

Corporate Law

Banking and Finance

Banking law – Financial Law

Tax Law

Tax law for groups of companies – International Taxation – Private Wealth Management.

Competition Law

Distribution Law – Consumer Law.

Intellectual Property

Trademark Law – Patent law

Insolvency Law

Business consulting – Insolvent businesses


Private and professional litigation – National and international litigation

International Law

International law – International private law – International Investments – Customs law – European Community law – Import & export.

Labour Law

Dismissal procedures / Negotiated redundancy – Litigation employment – Employee benefits – Staff rights

Immigration Law

Work permit – Residence permit – Visas request to enter Morocco

Real Estate Law

Construction Law – Joint-Ownership Law – Residential Leases- Commercial leases – Property Law – Property management

Health Law

Medical Law

Family Law

Children’s rights, Children abduction – Succession – Divorce

Criminal law and business law

Internet Law

Telecommunications Law